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Joanna’s passion for ceramics started in Poland where she spend her childhood surrounded by paintings, oil paints and canvases as she is a fourth generation of artists in her family.

At the age of 19 she moved to the UK to further her creative studies and gained her BA degree in 3D Design Ceramics at Staffordshire University in Stoke-on-Trent.

Since graduating in 2012 she works as a freelance ceramicist undertaking small and large scale commissions, assisting established artists and facilitating clay workshops. She is also a part time ACL (Adult and Community Learning), Lecturer at South Staffordshire College in Lichfield and an Associate Artist at British Ceramics Biennial and Birmingham Education Partnership.  

Due to her past experience she has a strong passion for work that connects to the community and art that represents stories and emotions.

She believes that ceramic art should be more than just too look at. People can express their emotions in clay, are able to connect with it and create something that is their own. Also for the audience to see the story behind the process and link it with  their own experiences.

Joanna has always been fascinated by natures movement and dynamics and how this is portrayed in sculpture and how she can create it within her own work.

For commission enquiries or if you are a organisation or a school that would like Joanna to facilitate clay workshop

please get in touch using the form below.

If you are an individual looking for ceramic course for adults please visit South Staffordshire College website. 

Links to the beginners Pottery:

Tuesday Afternoon

Portrait Sculpture (Friday afternoon)



Previous workshops:



Clay Butterflies making workshop, "What is Now?" project created by the Art City programme.

Burslem, 2018

Photo by Natalie Willatt



Slip decoration session at South Staffordshire College in Lichfield.  Adult and Community education offers many creative courses to all abilities. Pottery class is also a great way to mingle and meet other local creatives.



Bringing Artists Together

Joanna Dawidowska and Royce Wood Studio are now in collaborative partnership. Working closely with ceramic artist and glaze designer Peter Wood of Royce Wood Studio these two creative forces have combined to produce beautifully sculptured ceramic artwork. The hallmark Royce Wood variegated glazes are skilfully applied to Joanna's striking sculptures resulting in lustrously glazed ceramic wall art for interior and exterior ceramic art projects and exhibition.


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